Business cards

VISA business cards issued by BCR Chisinau provide the possibility to make payments in a simple, convenient and secure way or get cash from the nearest ATM.


  • ZERO fee for opening and administration of the account
  • ZERO fee for supplying the card account by transfer from the current account opened at BCR Chisinau
  • ZERO fee  for the purchase of goods/services from traders in the country and abroad
  • Permanent access to the financial resources of the company, for cash withdrawals, through any ATM, in the country and abroad
  • Possibility of issuing several cards attached to the same account
  • Convenience for using the remote system 24 Banking for managing the card account resources
  • Increased safety due to incorporated chip technology
  • Modern payment instrument, convenient and fast, useful during trips abroad, VISA is the most widely used international payment system


  • Currency: Moldovan Lei, US Dollar, Euro
  • Coverage: national for cards in Moldovan Lei, international for cards in Moldovan Lei and foreign currency
  • Validity of the card (plastic): 24 months

Transactions with cards

  • VISA Business in MDL
    • current payments made at sale points, equipped with POS terminals
    • travel expenses, respecting the limit of 10.000 EUR/month
    • cash withdrawals at ATMs in the country, within the limit of 3.000 MDL/day per card
  • Visa Business in EUR/USD
    • travel expenses, respecting the limit of 10.000 EUR/month
    • payment for import of goods/services
    • payment of taxes, fees or fines to non-residents


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