Investment loan

A crediting product for financing the expenses related to development projects, granted in order to reduce the financial effort of your company at the beginning of the financed objective.


  • Covering the expenses necessary for project implementation with the purpose to develop and increase the efficiency of your company
  • Possibility to finance the VAT by granting a credit line
  • Possibility of refinancing projects under more advantageous price terms
  • Specialized consulting regarding the selection of optimal solution for financing
  • Rapid use  of credit resources and visualizing of information through the service 24 Banking


  • Destination - financing/refinancing expenses related to investment projects
  • Currency - lei, foreign currency or attached to a foreign currency (US Dollar, Euro)
  • Loan period is determined by the character of investment and duration of its recovery
  • Reimbursement at maturity provided by the set schedule
  • Loan guarantee - movable/immovable goods


For information on interest rates applied for loans, please check Terms of lending to legal entities.

For information on fees applied for loans, please check Fees and charges for servicing legal entities.


For advice and support contact the Manager responsible for the relations with your company or access the list of acts under Terms of lending to legal entities.

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