Account Ideal

A saving account, in which the company can transfer the surplus of liquidity in order to obtain additional income in the form of interest. The amounts in the account can be accessed anytime by using hard copy payment orders or initiated through the service 24 Banking.


  • Flexibility by the possibility to make unlimited additional deposits and partial withdrawals maintaining the minimum balance
  • Convenience using the remote maintenance system 24 Banking for saved resources management
  • ZERO fee for opening the account Ideal
  • ZERO fee for transfers made from/to current account into/from account Ideal


  • Currency: Moldovan Lei, US Dollars, Euro
  • Interest rate: variable
  • Minimum initial amount: 100.000 MDL/ 5.000 USD/EUR
  • Additional deposits are accepted
  • Partial withdrawals are possible maintaining the minimum balance
  • Capitalization of interest is not applicable

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