Fixed-term deposits

Short and medium term investment instruments for legal entities aimed at capitalization of financial resources.


  • Efficiency and safety in management of financial resources using a wide range of deposit terms
  • Convenience by using the remote maintenance system 24 Banking for  saved resources management
  • Increased profitability by applying advantageous interest rates
  • No fee on opening and supply of fixed term deposit account
  • Possibility to use fixed term deposits for credit guarantee/ letters of guarantee needed for current activity


  • Currency: Moldovan lei, US Dollar, Euro
  • Interest rate: variable
  • Minimum initial amount: 50.000 MDL/ 5.000 USD/EUR
  • Term of deposit: 1, 2 (only in MDL), 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 months
  • Additional deposits are not accepted
  • Partial withdrawals are not possible
  • Capitalization of interest is not applicable
  • No automatic prolongation for similar periods

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