OPTIMUM package

Designed for companies with the turnover up to 10 million lei, ensures efficient management of accounts and transfers for a single advantageous cost. The components of the package include the services attached to the current account and 24 Banking, essential for the activity of your company.


  • ZERO fee for the first current account opening
  • ZERO fee for monthly management of current accounts
  • Connection and monthly servicing of 24 Banking - FREE
  • ZERO fee for unlimited number of transfers in national currency through 24 Banking


OPTIMUM package components

Applied fee

Opening of current account (first account)

250 MDL monthly,

per client

Monthly management fee for current accounts

Transfer in MDL within the Bank to other clients through 24 Banking

Transfer in MDL in favor of other banks' clients by 24 Banking

Connection to 24 Banking

24 Banking monthly servicing

For detailed information on the Optimum Package and other transactions and services related to the current account, please check Fees and charges for servicing legal entities.

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