Salary project

Opening a salary project facilitates the activity of human resources management, enabling the company to concentrate its efforts on the progress and development of business activity.

Benefits for EMPLOYER

  • Reducing administrative expenses related to recording and distribution of wages
  • Simplifying the work of company' cash desk by giving up payment of wages in cash
  • Ensuring confidentiality regarding the level of wages
  • Ensuring employees loyalty/motivation by obtaining favorable conditions for using bank products/services

Benefits for EMPLOYEE

  • Safety and convenience by using a cashless payment instrument
  • ZERO monthly fee for administration and issue of salary card
  • Lack of minimum balance requirement
  • ZERO fee for cash supply at the units of BCR Chisinau
  • ZERO fee for making payments to traders
  • ZERO fee to raise cash at the units/ATMs of BCR Chisinau
  • Interest calculated on the funds available in the card account
  • Possibility of available funds management using 24 Banking service
  • Possibility of monitoring the transactions through SMS notification
  • Possibility to access, in favorable conditions, the loans granted to individuals

The following types of cards may be issued under the salary project:

  • VISA Electron BCR (chip card)
  • VISA Classic BCR (chip card)
  • VISA Gold BCR (chip card)

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