A short-term financing solution, based on bills, without material guarantees, for companies supplying goods/providing services on the basis of commercial contracts or solid orders with payment on term.

Types of factoring operations

  • Export factoring without regress
  • Domestic factoring with regress

Included additional services

  • Administration of bills
  • Collection of receivables
  • Covering debtors' default risk (applicable for export factoring)

Advantages for SELLER/EXPORTER

  • Possibility to trade at competitive prices and conditions, based on contracts with deferred payment
  • Covering the lack of liquidity by financing bills
  • Rapid and flexible source of financing of working capital, required for increasing sales/exports
  • Improvement of cash flow through faster collection of receivables
  • Reducing administration cost and time spent for bills' management
  • Opportunity to expand business on new foreign markets
  • Initiation of business relations with new partners requesting extended payment terms and business safety through assessing the creditworthiness of Debtors
  • Ensuring 100% risk of non-payment of bills by the Foreign Debtor in favor of the Exporter

Advantages for BUYER/IMPORTER

  • Possibility to buy under commercial credit
  • Lack of need to open a letter of credit or credit line
  • Possibility to buy goods/get services, without delay, in case of lack of liquidity
  • Obtaining discounts from suppliers
  • Opportunity to obtain extended payment terms


  • Currency: Moldovan Lei/foreign currency (currency of invoice)
  • Maximum financed amount: 90% of invoices value
  • Maximum financing period: 180 days from the date of bills' issue

How does it work


For information on fees applied for Factoring operations, please check Fees and charges for servicing legal entities.


For advice and support contact the Manager responsible for the relations with your company.

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