Dear clients,

It is very important for BCR Chișinău to offer to its clients the possibility of communicating easily and quickly.

We apologize for any inconvenience which may have appeared in the relationship with the bank, but signaling such inconveniences will help remedy any issue and will improve the services we provide.

Regardless of the way you choose to communicate with us, we will take over your message and we will act so as to minimalize any inconvenience or discomfort occurred. You can find below the means of conveying your complaints.

Thank you for your collaboration!

BCR Chișinău team

In which situations can you make a complaint?

Please inform us at any moment you consider that the bank created some inconvenience regarding the following:

  • the offered products and services
  • the behavior of our employees
  • any situation that can be considered as a breach or deviation from the legal and contractual terms

We will check all complaints received, paying maximum attention to each of them. We are trying to have a balanced and correct vision of the situation presented.

Misunderstandings can often be resolved in an informal framework. Do not hesitate to contact the branch employees with whom you collaborate: they are prepared to settle any of the problems at that very moment. If that is not the case, please send us your complaint.

Send a complaint

It is easy to contact us. You can use any of the following means:

  • personally, in any of our braches, also you can register your complaint in the register of complaints placed in each territorial unit;
  • writing to: BCR Chișinău S.A., Chișinău, 60/2 A. Pușkin street, postal code MD-2005
  • e-mail:
  • by phone: 080022BCR (080022227)
  • using the online form below:

What shoud you take into consideration?

In order to settle the received complaint quickly, we ask you to send to us the following data:

  • your contact information: full name, personal identification code/ company registration number, by case, address and phone number;
  • the description of your complaint: relevant information including details on the involved branch, date, product or sevice, the names of the ones you discussed with, etc.;
  • copies of the documents you consider relevant and which will not be returned. You always have to keep the originals of your documentation.

Do not provide your security information such as your PIN, password or the security code.

If the data provided by you are not sufficient, we shall not be able to respond to your request.

The complaints whose initiators cannot be identified or whose manner of expressing is considered to be vulgar will not be taken into consideration and will be considered “case closed”.

What happens after the complaint is filled?

The settling stage starts:

1. Registration of your complaint

2. We shall investigate and we shall do the following:

  • all complaints will be treated as confidential, in compliance with the legislation;
  • treat every issue with integrity and respect;
  • investigate any issue thoroughly and objectively;
  • acknowledge when we make a mistake and implement the remediation measures as fast as possible.

3. We shall come back to you with one of the following:

  • with the answer which will contain the result of our investigation, the bank’s position and the actions which are to be taken;
  • if we reject your complaint/request, our refusal will be substantiated.

We aim at answering to all of our clients within the shortest time possible. However, if a complaint is very complex, it may require an extended assessment period. In such a case, you will be duly notified.

We ask you to take into consideration that the investigation of the complaints regarding cards may take longer, being object of international regulations.

We shall communicate with you, at any given moment, clearly, respectfully and in a manner easy to understand.