3D Secure

Secure оnline transactions


  • This service is free
  • Guarantees more security for your online payments
  • Increases the security of online transactions by requiring an access password that is updated at each payment
  • In case of loss or theft, the card can not be used by third parties for online stores that have implemented the 3D Secure standard
  • Eliminates the risk of fraud by copying information from the card, which are then used in Internet transactions or the generation of random numbers of cards and their subsequent use on the network
  • The authentication process does not require the installation of any special applications on your device.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure – Verified by VISA, this is the highest level of security for payments on the Internet, developed by the VISA International payment system and based on providing an additional password updated every time you make online payments using a card that supports the 3D Secure service.
This system significantly reduces the likelihood of fraud, since the password is known only to the card account owner. The system operates on all online service platforms that display the "Verified by Visa" logo. Therefore, we recommend that every time you want to make a payment via the Internet, check the availability of the 3D Secure service for making payments in the conditions of maximum security



How to get a password?

The dynamic password will be sent via SMS to the mobile phone number that you specified in the card opening application. You always have the opportunity to change the mobile phone number to which you want to receive a unique password by sending a request in writing to any nearby BCR Chişinău branch or by e-mailing cards@bcr.md, or by the following phone numbers: 022-852- 555, 022-852-030 (during working hours of the bank).

How to pay online with 3D Secure?

When choosing the products or services that you want to buy, choose the option of online payment by credit card. On the safe page, enter the card details (card number, validity period, CVV code / CVV2 from 3 digits, name, last name).
After preliminary checking of this data, the online platform on which you pay, if it is compatible with this standard, will require a 3D Secure password, which you will receive via SMS. After the password has been entered and confirmed, the payment will be completed and you will receive a confirmation of payment.

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