Now you can take advantage of benefits of the first salary card, which is not attached to a salary project.



  • ZERO fees for issue and monthly administration for salary card
  • Lack of minimum balance requirement
  • No minimum balance blocked on the card account
  • ZERO fee for collection of the salary by transfer from employer’s current account opened at any bank in the Republic of Moldova
  • ZERO fee for cash supply at the units of BCR Chisinau
  • NO charge on purchase of goods / services from merchandisers
  • Safety and convenience by using a cashless payment instrument
  • ZERO fee to raise cash at the units / ATMs of BCR Chisinau
  • Interest calculated on the funds available in the card account
  • Possibility of available funds management using 24 Banking service


  • Intended for resident and nonresident individuals who do not practice entrepreneurial activity and who are employees, under an employment contract, of companies that do not have salary projects within BCR Chisinau S.A.
  • Validity of card: 3 years from issue date
  • Required documents: identity card, certificate from the employer confirming that the individual is employed.
  • For managing your money comfortably and safely, we recommend to use the service 24 Banking and SMS Notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

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