Useful information

  • Purchase of goods / services to merchants worldwide, which is displayed VISA / MasterCard and online (e-commerce), without commission
  • Diversity of goods / services available to customers for purchase
  • Price reductions offered to card holders on goods / services purchases
  • Elimination of risks related to cash possession
  • Personal time saving that can be spent with family and friends

In case of loss or theft of your card, please announce the bank at following phone numbers: +373 (22) 85-20-30, +373 (22) 26-50-30 or call Customer Service Department directly (24/24) at phone number +373 (22) 21-02-02 or +373 (22) 21-03-03.

To block the card is enough to provide the following information to bank employee / operator: your name and surname, your keyword (password) specified in the request of card issue.

If you have recovered your card and you want to unblock it, please come to your bank and submit the unblock request of the card. If you have not recovered your card, submit the request for card reissue and you can get in time your new card.