Don't postpone your dream house anymore

  • Floating Interest rate:
    Salary on BCR Chisinau card - 7.50%
    Other cases - 7.95%
  • Free evaluation
  • Free Insurance
  • DAE:
    Salary on BCR Chisinau card: 10.1%
    Other cases : 10.6%

    Example for a loan of 500,000 with a term of 15 years. Granting fee 0.5%, management fee 0.17% monthly, Monthly rate 5,242.70 MDL, total payable amount 946,182.48 MDL.


  • Free evaluation of the real estate throughout the loan period
  • Free insurance of the real estate throughout the loan period
  • Extended lending term
  • Carrying out capital repairs to housing
  • Ease of administration by viewing the payment schedule in 24 Banking
  • Loan is not subject to exchange rate risk


  • Maximum loan amount - 2,500,000 lei
  • Maximum loan period - 25 years
  • Minimum own contribution - 20%
  • Securing the loan by real estate guarantees

Costs and useful documents

Contact any BCR Chisinau branch for the complete list of documents required for obtaining a loan, according to your loan goal.

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