Social responsibility


We intend to be via our actions a part of society, having a team of responsible citizens, with solid principles, and aiming to mediate and support for value development within the communities to which we belong.

In this regard, BCR Chișinău aims to be a model, an inspiration and a catalyst for all its stakeholders.

Besides initiating or supporting high impact social responsibility programs, our goal is for every BCR Chișinău employee to become an ambassador of community involvement.

Moreover, BCR Chișinău aligns its business strategy to the community needs, continuously developing innovative products to our customers to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. At the same time, BCR Chișinău is also a major player in economic development, by proactively supporting the business community members.


We support or develop projects that contribute directly to a healthy development of society, and which fall in the strategic community involvement, namely:

  • education and practical skills development
  • supporting and promoting leaders and models
  • civic leadership.