Currency conversions

BCR Chisinau ensures operations of purchase/ sale/ conversion of foreign currencies into the required currency in order to perform settlements with trading partners and make payments for the administrative needs of your company.


  • ZERO fee to conduct foreign exchange operations by transfer
  • Convenience and rapidity while making currency conversions through 24 Banking
  • Flexibility by negotiating the currency exchange rate
  • Possibility to perform currency exchange transactions without opening a current account

Foreign currencies quoted at BCR Chisinau: Euro, US Dollar, Romanian Lei, Russian Ruble, British Pound.
Quotations set for transactions by transfer can be visualized through 24 Banking and might be changed during the day depending on the fluctuations on the currency market.

FORWARD on currency exchange

FORWARD on currency exchange is a derivative financial instrument that presumes purchase or sale at a future date of a currency at a rate, determined at the time of transaction concluding, in order to ensure protection against currency exchange rate fluctuations.


  • Protection of BUYER against increase of exchange rate of the reference currency
  • Protection of SELLER against reduction of exchange rate of the reference currency


  • Minimum transaction amount - 10.000 EUR or the equivalent
  • Maximum period of FORWARD contract - 12 months

Guarantees - collateral deposit, government securities, pledge on funds from current accounts, loan funds, company’s guarantee

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